On Transgression

From devout member of the Church of Latter-Day Saints to carefree agnostic, from (mostly) straight to proudly bisexual, from serial monogamist to happy polyamorist, from Republicanism to anarchism–I’ve traversed a vast territory of belief and unbelief, of convention and subversion.

My first Burning Man in 2013 reinvigorated me and renewed my passion for bettering the world. I hope that by sharing some of my personal discoveries, mistakes, and revelations, I might help others to do the difficult work of sorting through the things we reject because we genuinely don’t want them and the things we reject out of fear or conditioning.

The payoff is pretty magnificent. Together, with the help of the magical, generative spirit of the Bay Area and the beautiful quickening of a global collective conscious (don’t believe it exists? visit Black Rock City…) I work alongside friends and strangers to forge a new world that makes space for many different brands of joy.

This blog is dedicated to anyone who has ever had a paradigm shift, and everyone who wants one. Life is about change and progression–if you stay the same, you might as well be dead!


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